Preliminary Technical Program posted.

We have posted a draft version of the Technical Program. Check out the program. Have a look at “best paper” candidates. Find out when your paper is scheduled for presentation.

Full and short papers are allocated 30 and 15 minute presentation slots, respectively. Presentation slots are inclusive of question time. If you are presenting a full paper, plan on a 25-minute presentation and 5 minutes for questions. If you are presenting a short paper, plan on a 12-minute presentation and about 3-minutes for questions. There’s ample coffee/tea and lunch time for discussions.

Acceptance Information

This year MASCOTS received 163 submissions. The program committee along with external experts wrote 535 reviews and exchanged close to 600 comments. Following thorough deliberations, the program committee recommended 44 papers for inclusion in the full paper category and recommended an additional 27 papers for inclusion in the work-in-progress short paper category. We are looking forward to an exciting program at San Francisco.